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The Jaybird Gang
Jaybirds Game Farm is dedicated to the breeding and raising of Game Fowl.
It is a family run farm consisting of Joe & D'Renda Lewis, Nick Lewis, Michael Hicks,
    Brandon Hicks, Elizabeth, Brooklyn & Cameron Turner (9/10/99-9/23/03).   

 Joe has been raising gamefowl

since 1972.  First with Dennis Mertes of L&M Gamefarm then later as Jaybirds, with
a breif period as 1/2 of Twojays.  Nick is the handler, and he is a natural, having
been going to the shows since he was 6 mths. old.  He's been handling for Jaybirds since
he was 12. 

 Through trial and error Joe & D'Renda developed the Excalibur line.

 Continued efforts brought us the Lewis Greys.
If you imagine the best trait of every breed, in one breed then you've found the
Lewis Grey.  

Joe and Nick after Christmas Derby          
Joe and Nick after a Christmas derby with the trophy Nick won, he was 13.

Joe with Brunner Roundhead   
4 x winner

Nick with Albany Stag and D'Renda with our own Excalibur
Both stags are 10 mths old.

Elizabeth and Cameron with Tazz
Youngest members of Jaybirds, heading for one of the yards.
This is the day I knew Cameron was sick.  See Cameron's Page